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Art historian | Multidisciplinary artist

Exhibitions: NYC - Paris - Liverpool - Romania - Barcelona - Rome - Madrid - Dubai - Amsterdam - Toronto - Switzerland

Multidisciplinary artist with a background in Art History that has provided me with a solid base to understand the legacy of artistic expressions. This historical perspective profoundly influences my work, allowing me to interpret iconic images from a unique and contextual perspective.

I have explored the fields of photographic manipulation, oil painting, drawing with ballpoint pen and AI with equal intensity and dedication, merging my skills and knowledge to create works that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

As part of my artistic evolution, artificial intelligence offers me a platform to take my skills and artistic vision to new heights, exploring the intersection between art and technology in innovative ways.

My works reflect influences from artistic movements such as surrealism, Dadaism, Expressionism, Flemish painting and baroque. For me, aesthetics is as crucial as the concept I want to convey. I aspire to create a balance between visual beauty and conceptual depth in all my creations.

In each of my images I seek answers to questions that arise from my inner world. My work is an attempt to escape the chaos of the world around us and explore the intimacy of artistic creation.

From the local to the universal, my goal is to understand and express what it means to be human.

I was born and live in the Principality of Asturias, Spain.

Awards, Publications & Exhibitions

Selected by Cánon for the exhibition "365 days of summer" held at Espacio Mood Serrano in Madrid in September 2017.

Contemporary Group Exhibition organized by Abartium Gallery at Novíssima, a modernist farmhouse located in Calldetenes, Barcelona. March 2019.

"XXXIV International and Multidisciplinary Exhibition of Contemporary Art" organized by El Circuit Artístic and Diputació de Barcelona at Montesquiu Castle, Barcelona. June 2019

Group exhibition "Before-During-After" organized by Andartearte. Sala Ábaco of Espai30, Barcelona 2021.

Works for the Editorial Pimientos de Urrugne, France illustrating the French town of Saint-Jean-de-Juz for the "Guide des plages basques" ISBN: 978-2-35660-092-9.

Photographic edition of the book "Palaces et hotels de Biarritz 1890-1950" Editions Pimientos ISBN: 978-2-35660-094-3.

Honorable Mention in Tokyo International Photo Awards (TIFA) 2020

Top 100 Male Portrait in 35Awards International of Moscow 2020

Curator and artist at The Transnational Show of #NFTART "SO FAR, SO NEAR" in Principality of Asturias, Spain. March 2022

Exhibiting in Liverpool "Adelia Art Gallery" June 2022

Exhibiting "Complicit x Visibility Gallery x NFT NYC - Photography and digital art exhibitional in American Copper Buildings of Manhattan on June 2022

Honorable Mention in the 2022 Prix de la Photographie de París

Photography NFT exhibition in MFA gallery in Rome. Curated by Obscura DAO. October 2022

NFT PARIS 2023 (Grand Palais Ephémère) February 24-25 / 2023

NFTNYC 2023 (Hudson Yards and Times Square) April 12-14 / 2023

Moving Forward 2023 (Triangle Loft, 675 Hudson Street, NYC 10014) April / 2023

Homage to Constantin Brâncusi - Centre Constantin Brâncusi/Craiova Art Museum/Romania - June 1-5 / 2023m

Homage to Constantin Brâncusi - Lume Studios 393 Broadway New York - June 16 / 2023 

Mondoir Art Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - September / 2023

Jazz Art Cryptoart 2.0 - Craiova Philharmonic, Romania - September 6 to 8 / 2023

Goat Studio - World Market Center, Las Vegas - September 13 - 15 / 2023

Times Square, NYC - September / 2023

Belle Epoque Collective Expo - Casa Bibescu - Craiova, Romania - 29 Sept - 1 Oct / 2023

BUILDERS BOX - Holy Club Gallery - Milano - 6 oct / 2023

Amsterdam Dance Event - Adam Tower. Amsterdam - 17 oct / 2023

Cinematic Cyberverse exhibition - Studio idFK - Toronto - 23 oct / 2023

Art Exhibition Temporal Fusions: Surreal Baroque in Retro-Futuristic Dream - Art in Space - Dubai - 26-27-28 oct / 2023

Superchief Gallery/ARTBEES GALLERY - Arieș No. 17, Craiova 200384 - Romania / 30-31 Oct / 2023

The Art of Storytelling/UNPAIRED GALLERY - Zug, Switzerland /  November / 2023

The Network State Italia Meetup - Milan / January 13 / 2024

NFTNYC 2024 (Hudson Yards and Times Square) April 3-5 / 2024

Featured by HUG by Randi Zuckerberg in the Italian Magazine Prompt. April 2024

NFTBucharest 2024 (Dimitrie Pompeiu BLVD, Nº 4-6. Bucharest) 8-9 May 2024

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