About me


I develop an artistic work that goes from the self-portrait inspired by the artists of the early twentieth century who worked with the experimentation of photographic language to the interpretation of iconic images that relate to my studies in Art History.

In any catastrophe, there’s always room for a little bit of heaven. My images are an attempt to escape from the world around me to a game born in private, a quest for answers.

My images show the relationship between something casual and an internal concept that represents, in a rational and at the same time random way, an inner world that responds to the questions that as a human being I am capable of generating. From the local to the universal I try to find what as a person I am able to understand.

Inspired by movements such as surrealism, Dadaism, Flemish painting and baroque, I work the image in a way in which the aesthetic is no less important than the concept itself with which I play.

Art Historian

Awards, Publications & Exhibitions

Selected by Cánon for the exhibition "365 days of summer" held at Espacio Mood Serrano in Madrid in September 2017.

Contemporary Group Exhibition organized by Abartium Gallery at Novíssima, a modernist farmhouse located in Calldetenes, Barcelona. March 2019.

"XXXIV International and Multidisciplinary Exhibition of Contemporary Art" organized by El Circuit Artístic and Diputació de Barcelona at Montesquiu Castle, Barcelona. June 2019

Group exhibition "Before-During-After" organized by Andartearte. Sala Ábaco of Espai30, Barcelona 2021.

Works for the Editorial Pimientos de Urrugne, France illustrating the French town of Saint-Jean-de-Juz for the "Guide des plages basques" ISBN: 978-2-35660-092-9.

Photographic edition of the book "Palaces et hotels de Biarritz 1890-1950" Editions Pimientos ISBN: 978-2-35660-094-3.

Honorable Mention in Tokyo International Photo Awards (TIFA) 2020

Top 100 Male Portrait in 35Awards International of Moscow 2020

Curator and artist at The Transnational Show of #NFTART "SO FAR, SO NEAR" in Principality of Asturias, Spain. March 2022

Exhibiting in Liverpool "Adelia Art Gallery" June 2022

Exhibiting "Complicit x Visibility Gallery x NFT NYC - Photography and digital art exhibitional in American Copper Buildings of Manhattan on June 2022

Honorable Mention in the 2022 Prix de la Photographie de París

Photography NFT exhibition in MFA gallery in Rome. Curated by Obscura DAO. October 2022

NFT PARIS 2023 (Grand Palais Ephémère) February 24-25

NFTNYC 2023 (Hudson Yards and Times Square) April 12-14

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