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In the sigh of goodbye, its essence merges with infinity, leaving traces of love in each heartbeat.

Work on exhibit in Times Square, September 2023

AI ART & Photoshop
2160 X 3840 px

Reserve Price0.25 ETH

Blue abyss

The form decomposes, fragments of skin and thought intertwine.
Poetic scalpel.

Manipulated photograph

5377 x 3025 px

Reserve Price0.35 ETH

Bad Times for the Lyrical

Image to think about it

AI & Photoshop
4096 x 4096 px

Reserve Price0.25 ETH

Sparkling red


Work on exhibit in Times Square, September 2023

AI & Photoshop
2848 x 1664 px

Reserve Price0.25 ETH

Ópera Prima

Where with our eyes closed
We could make out the endless fields.

AI & Photoshop
4096 x 4096 px

Reserve Price0.5 ETH


"Hispania" collection is an intimate and contemporary exploration of the essence and evolution of my cultural heritage bridging the ancestral and the avant-garde.
A visual journey that intertwines digital painting and artificial intelligence with the rich cultural tapestry of Spain.

Reserve Price0.1 ETH

Gallery ART IN SPACE, Dubai

Wild Harmony 1/1 - 3.33 ETH
Red Thread Monologue 1/10 - 0.2 ETH
Thread of Silence 1/10 - 0.2 ETH
Silent Majesty 1/10 - 0.2 ETH


"Temporal Echoes" is a collection that intertwines the veneration of classical art with contemporary and futuristic visions, bridging the Iberian heritage and the possibilities of tomorrow. Through the harmonization of ancestral styles, each piece encapsulates the transcendence of time and the resilient essence of the human being.

AI & Photoshop
4096 x 7168 px

Reserve Price0.15 ETH

Quantum Echo

AI & Photoshop
4800 x 3840 px

Reserve Price0.25 ETH

The River of Forgetfulness

AI Art & Photoshop
6848 x 2816 px

Reserve Price0.36 ETH


Each work captures the dreams of the Spanish genius, digitally reinterpreted.

Reserve Price0.45 SOL

Sick thoughts

My work at Exchange Art $SOL

Reserve Price1 SOL
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